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by Vice President
Al Gore
December 13, 2000

"I regret that I didn't get the chance to stay and fight for the American people over the next four years, especially for those who need burdens lifted and barriers removed, especially for those who feel their voices have not been heard. I heard you and I will not forget."  

[DNC Chair Joe Andrew on Al Gore's Concession]

"People all over America have called us, written us, emailed us, faxed us and shown up on our doorstep to pledge their support for the principles and priorities for which we stand. Last evening, Al Gore expressed his admiration and thanks and said he would not forget them.

We must not forget either. We must not forget the millions of people whose voices were thwarted. We must not forget the people who were turned away from their precincts, the people who were denied their most sacred right. We must not forget those who have been disenfranchised and suppressed disproportionately
because of their race, their religion, or their geography. We must never give up the fight for the bedrock principle of our democracy that every vote counts and every vote should be counted."


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