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 Top Ten Lies
 of Election 2000

 Supreme Injustice
 (a disturbing Q&A)
 Election Irregularities
 (links with all the
 GOREy details)

 I Know What You
 Did in the White House

 I Know What You
 Did in Election 2004

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Scary Music
(about election 2000) 

Scary Record
 (about election 2004)
Scary Numbers
 (elections have

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"More chills than I Know What You Did In Texas" [the DNC]

"Superb acting job by supporting cast James Baker, Karen Hughes, and Dade protesters, but George 'dubya' stole the show. Despite losing the national vote and trailing in electoral votes, the controversial ending has him become President via a few hundred votes in a state where his brother is Governor, his party campaign co-chair certifies the winner, and a recount is blocked by a judge his father appointed, whose son is a partner in the legal firm representing him. GOP ticket buyer's got their money's worth but American taxpayer's should get a full refund!" [ProgressivesOnline]

"Harris's Indecent Proposal to certify the votes shows a Fatal Attraction to partisanship that may convince Jeb Bush to advance her career the Same Time Next Year." [Maureen Dowd, New York Times]

"It’s got all the ingredients—a mysterious electoral college, weird tabulating procedures, missing ballots, lawsuits—as well as photogenic lead characters". [Variety]

occupy board game

More GOP Classics


Brain dead mutants
attack a canvassing
board in a small
southern town.

New DNC Releases

from the creator
of Billy Jack

Rebel, Jesse Jack,
"keeps hope alive"
for disenfranchised
voters in a small
southern town.

The Grinch Who
Spoiled The Election,
 starring Ralph Nader

A Green party
candidate spooks
voters in GoreVille.

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